The Board’s vision sets out the overarching aims for the partnership;

People should be able to live a life free from harm, abuse and exploitation.

The board’s statement of purpose that underpins this vision is to;

  • Prevent abuse and neglect happening within the community and in service settings.
  • Promote the safeguarding interests of vulnerable adults to enable their wellbeing and safety.
  • Respond effectively and consistently to instances of abuse and neglect

The core purpose of the board is to protect adults who are vulnerable, but to also have a key responsibility to promote the wider agendas of safeguarding and prevention through ensuring safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility in our organisations and communities. To achieve this we need a co-ordinated and timely response to reports of abuse, and we also need to create a community where abuse is not tolerated and people speak out.

The board has endeavoured to work to the following strategic principles in all its developments to achieve the vision and adhere to its statement of purpose;

  • Principle 1 - Empowerment – taking a person-centred approach, whereby users feel involved and informed, and their consent needed for decisions and actions to safeguard.
  • Principle 2 - Protection – it is everybody’s responsibility to act upon suspicions of abuse to ensure that adults at risk are afforded protection to them in law.
  • Principle 3- Prevention – it is better to take action before harm occurs and prevention should be the primary goal, everyone has a role from organisations to members of the public and communities.
  • Principle 4 - Proportionality – ensuring outcomes are appropriate for the individual and responses to allegations of abuse are proportionate to the risk and nature of allegation.
  • Principle 5 - Partnership – agencies and communities should work together to respond effectively and share information appropriately ensuring the individual is involved.
  • Principle 6 - Accountability – all agencies have a clear role and should be transparent and accountable for decisions that are made.