To carry out its responsibilities effectively the Board shall be composed of senior officers nominated by each member agency. Members should have the necessary authority to commit their organisation and its finances to the work of the Board. Members of the Executive Safeguarding Group will be asked to undertake more operational duties in line with strategic decisions made at the Board. Each agency should identify suitable senior representation of officers with knowledge and expertise in Safeguarding to be members on the operational board.

Board members representing individual agencies must have sufficient delegated authority to effectively represent their agency and to make decisions on their agency's behalf.

They must have access to those responsible for making the decision for which they do not have delegated authority. If they are unable to attend board meetings for any reason they must send a representative of sufficient seniority.

The following core statutory organisations must ensure appropriate membership:  

  • Bolton Council Children and Adult Services
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group

The following organisations are invited to be members of the Board as essential partners for Bolton:

  • Bolton Council Strategic Housing Partnership.
  • Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.
  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Greater Manchester West Mental Health Foundation Trust.
  • NHS England will attend only where there are specific concerns that require NHS England oversight or action.
  • Healthwatch Bolton.
  • National Probation Company.
  • Chester and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company.
  • Community, Voluntary and 3rd Sector representation.

By invite:

  • North West Ambulance Service
  • Care Quality Commission

The following will be members in an advisory capacity:

  • Bolton Council Legal Services
  • Safeguarding Board and Partnership Manager
  • Bolton NHS CCG clinical advisor
  • Chair of the Executive Safeguarding Group

Professional advisors will share their knowledge and expertise to support members in carrying out their functions and duties. The Advisor will normally attend all meetings of the Board and will provide a legal opinion and perspective of relevant legislation, policy and practice issues.

The Executive Cabinet Member for Adult Services will be a member of the Board as an observer to ensure that there is ownership at a political level for safeguarding adults and be aware of critical local issues.

The role of the observing member will be to scrutinise and hold to account the decisions, activities and actions of the BSAB in their efforts to ensure Adults at risk are safeguarded. They are not part of the decision making process.

All members will be required to sign a membership agreement and attend a minimum of 3 out of board meetings within the year. Membership will be reviewed every 3 years.

Chair and Vice Chair

The independently appointed Chair of the Board will be responsible for ensuring the Board works effectively and independently, constructively challenging the partnership and be in a position to act as a spokesperson for the Board. 

The Vice Chair will be the District Superintendent.

The Vice Chair will deputise for the Chair in their absence or in relation to agenda items for which there may be a conflict of interest.


The board will meet every two months.  Additional meetings may be convened if required by the Chair.


A quorum of the board shall be 2 out of 3 core statutory organisations represented with a total of five members representing four separate agencies, always including the Chair or Vice Chair. If at any time there is not a quorate present, the meeting may proceed but any formal decisions should be deferred to the next quorate meeting.  For any urgent and significant decisions to be made the Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board may consider convening an extraordinary board meeting.


Responsibilities of Board Members

Board members will be senior officers with the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the Board is effective in improving safeguarding in Bolton, members will:

  • Be able to present issues clearly in writing and in person
  • Be experienced in the work of their organisation
  • Have a thorough understanding of abuse and neglect and its impact
  • Understand the issues and pressures facing frontline practitioners
  • Be knowledgeable about the local area and population
  • Be able to speak for their organisation and its priorities
  • Be able to commit their organisation to policy and practice matters
  • Critically challenge partners positively

It is each member's responsibility and duty to contribute to steering the strategic direction of the Board and to ensure implementation of the statutory requirements under the Care Act and its guidance and the multi-agency procedures.

The Board is responsible for co-ordinating local agencies' arrangements and has a collective responsibility for ensuring that all agencies working with adults at risk in Bolton undertake their safeguarding duties and responsibilities.


Expectations of Safeguarding Board Members

Board Members will:

  • Be the named safeguarding officer/champion for their agency for all matters relating to the Safeguarding Adults Board
  • Take a lead role for safeguarding adults within the representing agency and lead on work as required by the Board
  • All members will share the responsibility of ensuring that the Board's work plan is delivered
  • Support the chairing of appropriate subgroups or task and finish group or identifying a senior manager within their organisation who has the skill and abilities to chair such a meeting.
  • Ensure appropriate representation on the sub group/task and finish group as appropriate to their organisation
  • Be responsible for the agency resource contribution to the Board and ensure that the allocated agency resources, financial and human, are utilised to meet the Board's objectives and any shortfalls are brought to the attention of the Board and agency
  • Act as a channel of communication between their agency and the Board
  • Attend and support Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board promotional and other events
  • Contribute to and examine regular updates, data and analysis on individual agency and joint agency performance indicators
  • Ensure as part of the Safeguarding Adult Review process that management reviews are completed fully within the set timescales

Board Members will be required to sign a membership agreement agreeing to comply with the membership expectations.



The Safeguarding Adult Board will act as an Independent Body. The Board will form a view of the quality of safeguarding locally, challenge organisations when necessary and have an independent voice.

The Board will be consulted on issues that affect safeguarding and promoting the welfare of adults at risk. The Board will be supported by a multiagency operational group with a wider membership to support the work of the work streams and subgroups.

The Safeguarding Adults Board will share the annual report with:

  • The Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board.
  • The Chief Executive and Leader of Bolton Council.
  • Greater Manchester Police.
  • Bolton Healthwatch.
  • Health and Social Care Overview Scrutiny Committee.
  • NHS Bolton CCG Board

The Board will report to the Bolton Health and Wellbeing Board, Health and Wellbeing Boards provide leadership to the local health and wellbeing system, ensuring strong partnership locally and that the needs and views of local communities are represented. The Health and Wellbeing Board will therefore support the assurance and accountability of the BSAB.

The Board will also report on progress locally to the Health and Social Care Overview scrutiny committee to provide assurance to local communities that safeguarding measures are being enacted sufficiently in Bolton.

In addition the Board will work collaboratively with other strategic partnerships across Bolton which will include the Bolton Community Safety Partnership Board and the Bolton Children’s Safeguarding Board.



The following diagram demonstrates the reporting structure for the Safeguarding Partnership:


Executive Safeguarding Group

The Executive Safeguarding Group shall meet every three months. Membership of this Group shall be made up of the same organisations as those on the Board. Members of the Executive Safeguarding Group should be senior managers with operational responsibilities.

Arrangements with other organisations and individuals to be co-opted onto this Group will be made as and when the need arises.

The Executive Safeguarding Group shall deal with specific issues, matters of business and daily operational concerns on behalf of the Board. In particular it will:

  • Contribute to the development and publication of the Annual Report and the Business * Plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of recommendations from local Safeguarding Adult Reviews.
  • Develop local policies, guidance and other relevant resources to support multi-agency work to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults at risk.
  • Ensure that the appropriate work groups are in place and are functioning appropriately to deliver the tasks outlined in the business plan.
  • Oversee delivery of the multi-agency training programme and support single agency training on safeguarding adults at risk to ensure staff working with adults have the appropriate skills and knowledge to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults at risk.
  • Ensure that accurate records of budgeting arrangements are recorded and provided.
  • Assist with peer audit reviews across the partner agencies in Bolton.
  • Put in place objectives, national and local performance indicators for safeguarding, and to provide reports on the outcomes.
  • Raise awareness within the wider community of the need to safeguard adults at risk and to explain how the wider community can contribute to these objectives.

The Chair of the Executive Safeguarding Group will report progress and highlight issues to the Executive Board. The Chair should be from one of the statutory bodies.


Finances and resources

The BSAB statutory core member agencies will contribute annually towards resource at an agreed level, having regard to the differing size, resources and responsibilities of each agency. Other agencies will be requested to contribute as necessary to the partnerships activities in achieving its strategic objectives.

The financial year will run from 1st April to the 31st March each year.

Bolton Council will administer the budget on behalf of the Board and report annually. The Safeguarding Adults Board and Partnership Manager will have the authority to act as the Board's budget holder for the authorisation of payments.