Overview of Safeguarding Adults Boards

The Care Act 2014 requires all Local authorities as the lead agency to establish a Safeguarding Adults Boards to co-ordinate and ensure the local arrangements to safeguarding and promote the welfare of adults at risk in its area.

Bolton has operated a shadow board since 2005 No secrets and in response to the Care Act 2014 will become a statutory board on 1st April 2015. This constitution demonstrates the governance, purpose and objectives of the statutory board.

The Board shall be known as Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board and will operate as an executive board of statutory and non-statutory partners, hereafter known as the BSAB or the Board.

An Executive Safeguarding Group (previously known as the Operations Board) will report to the Board and support the work of the multiagency subgroups.

Purpose and role

Purpose and role

The core purpose of the BSAB is to:

  • Help and protect adults at risk in Bolton
  • Coordinate and ensure the effectiveness of each of its members
  • Carry out any activities which appear to it to be necessary or desirable for the purpose of achieving its objectives

The Board has a key role in promoting safeguarding as everybody’s responsibility for everyone.



It is the Board’s responsibility, led by Bolton Council, to ensure that all partner agencies are implementing and complying with the Care Act 2014 and the Care Act statutory guidance regarding safeguarding adults at risk.

The core objective of the board is:

To help and protect adults who have needs for care and support, who are experiencing or are at risk of abuse or neglect and as a result of their needs are unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect. This is whether or not the adult is having their needs met or they meet the local authority’s eligibility criteria for care and support services.

The organisations represented on the Board should individually and collectively prioritise the prevention of abuse and neglect, develop effective systems and practices to respond to abuse, promote awareness, develop workforce training initiatives and achieve continual learning and improved practice.

The BSAB also works to ensure that adult safeguarding is integrated into other community initiatives and services and has links with other relevant inter-agency  

  • partnerships such as Bolton Community Safety Partnership Board, Bolton Children’s Safeguarding Board and the Health and Well Being Board.



The Board has the following three statutory functions as described in the Care Act 2014:

  1. Publish a strategic plan for each financial year that sets out how the Board’s main objectives will be met and what members will do to achieve these. The Board will endeavour to develop its strategic plan with community engagement.
  2. Publish an annual report detailing the Board’s and its member’s achievements against the strategic plan to meet the vision, including any findings from Safeguarding Adult Reviews.
  3. To conduct any Safeguarding Adult Reviews advising on lessons that can be learned where an adult at risk has died or has been seriously harmed in circumstances where abuse or neglect is known or suspected.

The objectives of the Board will also be pursued through the following functions:

Developing policies and procedures for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of adults at risk.

  • Determining and maintaining clear processes and an understanding of these across Board members and local partners to ensure effective joint working and efficient use of resources.
  • Ensuring that multi-agency training is provided on safeguarding and promoting welfare that this meets the required standard and is appropriate to the needs of relevant staff.

The Board has overall governance of the policy, practice and implementation for safeguarding. This includes:

  • Leading and promoting the responsibility for safeguarding across all agencies and stakeholders.
  • Quality assuring the safeguarding response across the partnership.
  • Commissioning regular reviews and amendments to policy, in response to relevant policy and legislative changes.
  • Ensuring that matters of diversity and equality are addressed within all aspects of safeguarding work.
  • Monitoring numbers, outcomes and trends, and ensuring action is taken to address identified concerns.
  • Seeking the views of people who use care and support, their families and carers to inform safeguarding policy and practice development.
  • Developing and keeping under review an information sharing policy.
  • Ensuring comprehensive and high quality training is delivered.
  • Participating in planning and commissioning of adult services to ensure that safeguarding adults at risk is a primary consideration.
  • Communicating within the Borough the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults at risk and raise awareness of how this can be achieved.

Working collaboratively with other strategic partnerships across Bolton such as Bolton Community Safety Partnership Board, Bolton Children’s Safeguarding Board and the Health and Well Being Board. Co-operating with:

  • Neighbouring Adults Services authorities and their Board partners.
  • Local Multi Agency Domestic Violence Arrangements (MARAC).
  • Local Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).
    • Undertaking evaluation through self audit and/or consideration of peer review.

The Board may engage in other activities in pursuit of its objectives as identified and agreed by the Board.